Looked down on by the Blade, the historic characters on the Abbey Gateway and the Maiwand Lion, the Forbury Gardens once again played host to the annual Reading Town Meal on Saturday 30 September.

Deputy mayor Councillor Glenn Dennis (pictured) opened the event, which was supported by an array of local organisations.

The driving force behind this annual festival of homegrown food sharing is food4families, based at the Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC) in Katesgrove.

Students at Reading College used donated produce to prepare and cook food to perfection, and some of the donations came from the Waterloo Meadows allotments in Katesgrove. Freshly pressed apple juice from Abundance Reading was the perfect accompaniment.

There was a workshop area with sessions on seed saving, herb propagation and bee keeping. Stalls and stands celebrated local community groups, particularly those associated with sustainability and food growing.

Performances from the bandstand provided a musical accompaniment, and the weather almost co-operated with occasional blue skies that were definitely better than last year.

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