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The view from Katesgrove Hill


The broken glass bejewels the grass,
an old bike lock, a rotten sock…
are normal sights around these parts.

A pee-stained sofa, never good,
piled high with bags of mouldy food.

TV screens and chicken wings,
old paint tins and mattress springs.

And dog shit bags and dirty nappies
offend the nose; not make us happy.

Why can’t that bag of beer tins
go in and not beside the bin.

Come on locals, take some pride.
Don’t dump the crap, put it aside.

Reuse, recycle, have a heart,
or bugger off to other parts.

The anonymous bard of RG2

  1. Love Clean Reading
  2. Reading Borough Council’s rubbish policies.


  1. Excellent!! What has become of this area and rubbish. Many thanks to our local Councillors Rob White and Ashley Pearce who are presently active in trying to sort the rubbish issue behind the Christchurch Road shop parade.

  2. Beautiful! This deserves to be printed onto bins in glowing letters! We might even start a new way of engaging the neighbourhood…

    • Adam Harrington

      7 October 2019 at 3.31 pm

      What do you think of the council’s plan to replace the town’s 240 litre grey bins with 140 litre ones next year? My guess is that it will only add to the litter problem, as people will dump even more garbage when they run out of bin-space, in the knowledge that the council is unable to enforce illegal dumping rules.

      • The grey bin capacity reduction could actually work if it coincided with the launch of the organic waste bin and the inclusion of glass recycling in the red bin. Too much grey bin capacity is still being used up by organic waste and glass items.

        If, however, people were given the opportunity of a “one stop waste sorting point” in their front yards, they’d actually do the sorting. And gradually realise that the smaller grey bin capacity suffices.

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