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No water in Reading postcodes RG1, RG2 and RG6

Image courtesy of Thames Water.

Thames Water reports that an issue at an Earley booster station is causing low pressure or no water in Reading postcodes RG1, RG2 and RG6.

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Two years on, what has changed on the scenic route to the Madejski Stadium?

Sustrans signpost on Waterloo Meadows

Reading were at home to Sheffield Wednesday for their first game of the 2018/19 season. It was a fine day, so we decided to see what had changed since 2017 on the scenic cross-country route from the Whitley Pump to the Madejski Stadium.

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Twinned with the Whitley Pump – postcard from Gibraltar

Queen Victoria’s Monument, Gunners’ Parade, Gibraltar c. 1910

Queen Victoria’s Monument on Gunners’ Parade in Gibraltar is in the form of a drinking fountain with a bowl for dogs at the base. On the rear is the inscription “Erected by the inhabitants of Gibraltar 1910”.

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Southampton Street lane closures this morning

Two lanes of Southampton Street near S Giles Church were closed this morning while Thames Water install a new water connection. The work is planned to finish on 21 January 2019.

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26 December – Stink pipes we have spotted

The Pheasant

The Whitley Pump collection of Reading stink pipes started with a reader’s enquiry about the unidentified pipe or pole near the Pheasant where Southampton Street and Mount Pleasant meet.

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Spot the stinkpipe – Autumn Leaves edition

This stinkpipe is currently visible because most of the leaves have fallen from surrounding trees and exposed it to view.

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Spot the stinkpipe – the clocks go back edition

After our May Day stinkpipe, we thought we had spotted all of Reading’s stinkpipes but this one had gone unnoticed.

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Could St Laurence’s drinking fountain flow again?

St Laurence’s Church Fountain

Always a nice moment when conflicting agendas collide and something good comes of it for everyone. During the ‘questions from the public and councillors’ section of an edgy and rancorous Reading Borough Council (RBC) policy committee on 24 September, councillor Tony Page seemed to suggest that St Laurence’s drinking fountain could flow again.

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Spot the stinkpipe – May Day edition

The first Monday in May has been a bank holiday in England, Wales and for exactly forty years, but it still feels as if we have not got used to it yet.

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Whitley Conduit plaque features in Reading Museum display

A plaque which was placed on the Whitley Conduit when it was refurbished in 1908 is now on show in the new Story of Reading Gallery display at Reading Museum.

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Spot the stinkpipe – Easter Monday edition

A Thames crossing is involved in this edition of ‘spot the stinkpipe’. To find these stinkpipes, cross Caversham Bridge and go up a hill, but not St Peter’s Hill.

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World Book Day 2018

As a celebration of World Book Day 2018, the Whitley Pump looks back at the books we reviewed in the last year.

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Happy New Year 2018 Stinkpipe!

This is a princess among stinkpipes with a crown on top, just off the Oxford Road.

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Spot the Stinkpipe – Boxing day walk edition 2017

For some of Reading’s more beautiful stinkpipes it is necessary to travel beyond the natural boundaries of the Whitley Pump’s home territory.

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Spot the stinkpipe – Thames Water motion at council meeting edition

Reading Borough Council (RBC) will be considering a motion on the disruption caused by works undertaken by Thames Water this evening, 17 October. Thames Water are not only responsible for water supply but also look after Reading sewers and works on sewers can also cause local disruption.

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Motion on disruption caused by Thames Water

A Reading Borough Council (RBC) full council meeting will consider a motion from Norcot councillor Debs Absolom expressing concern about the disruption of roads and pavements by work carried out by Thames Water.

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Twinned with the Whitley Pump – Attwells Drinking Fountain

Attwells fountain is on the Thames Promenade. The location was once directly connected with the top of Whitley Street by tram and later trolleybus routes. Not so nowadays when all buses with the exception of the No 17, the ‘backbone of Reading’, terminate at Reading Station.

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Last few days of ‘All of a Twist’ at the Turbine Gallery

When the Whitley Pump visited All of a Twist at the Turbine Gallery on the River Kennet we found more than we expected of interest to those living on Katesgrove Hill.

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Spot the stink pipe – stubby edition!

The Whitley Pump has been sent another stinkpipe photograph by John Howard. All that remains of this one is a stub and it is used as an unofficial rubbish bin.

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Reading-on-Thames Festival : What’s in it for Katesgrove-on-Kennet?

Kennet Towpath, just under Pell Street Bridge, February 2014

The first Reading-on-Thames Festival takes place from 9-17 September. It promises to “use Reading’s rivers as a backdrop and inspiration”.

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